Car Insurance - Read the Terms and Conditions

If you are planning to drive to Continental Europe, you should make sure that you have proper car insurance so that you are covered while abroad. Also, some countries may require the Green Card upon entry to prove that you have the basic car insurance.

Don’t assume that you are covered just because you have comprehensive insurance policy. You might or might not be covered abroad. The only way to be sure is to read the terms and conditions very carefully.

Half of the Brits Don’t Know What Their Car Insurance Covers Abroad

France, Spain, Germany, Holland and other European countries are very popular with the Brits, both during the summer and winter holidays. The majority decide to fly to the chosen destination but a growing number of British holidaymakers are choosing to drive instead. And many of them don’t know what their car insurance covers abroad.

A study of the issue has shown that approximately one half of all Brits who drive to Continental Europe don’t know if their insurance policy will cover for them when outside the UK. The same study has also shown that about 30 percent of of drivers believe that they are covered for the same things as in the UK, while the remaining 20 percent are convinced that their insurance policy automatically downgrades when leaving the UK.

A Major Difference from One Insurance Company (and Policy) to Another

The confusion of the UK drivers is partly related to the fact that there is a major difference from one insurance company - and policy - to another. Some insurance companies indeed provide full coverage both in the UK and abroad. In other words, nothing changes for their clients when leaving Britain. However, they might limit comprehensive coverage to a few days only. Afterwards, the policy automatically downgrades. Also, some insurance companies require prior notification about the planned car trip abroad.

Many insurance companies don’t provide the same cover as in the UK when their clients are driving in Continental Europe. Some downgrade their insurance policies - including fully comprehensive ones - to the minimum coverage, while some even downgrade them to the third party only.

The Small Print

To determine whether you are covered abroad, you are highly advised to read you car insurance policy very carefully, especially the terms and conditions. And the small print too as it always contains very important information. If you are still unsure whether you are covered abroad or not, contact your insurance company. Be sure, however, to check out your insurance policy a few days in advance in order to be able to upgrade it if necessary.