Car Rallies in Continental Europe

Continental Europe is host to many spectacular car shows and events including rallies. Some of the oldest and most famous ones include:

Monte Carlo Rally

First held more than hundred years ago, the Monte Carlo Rally is much more than just a rally. Ever since its inauguration in 1911, it has also been an important promoter of innovation and automotive technology. It was the Monte Carlo Rally where many of the world firsts in automotive industry have been put into practice.

Tour de Corse

The Tour de Corse has been held on the French island of Corsica since the mid-1950s. What is especially interesting about this rally is that the first running was won by a female driver - Gilberte Thirion from Belgium in a Renault Dauphine. From 1973 to 2008, the Tour de Corse was the French stage of the World Rally Championship (WRC) series.

Tulip Rally

Since 1992 officially called the Historic Tulip Rally, the ‘Tulpenrallye’ is the first competitive rally ever held in the Netherlands. Inaugurated in 1949, the first Tulip Rally was won by the legendary British racing driver Ken Wharton (1916-1957) who also won the 1950 and 1952 rallies. The last British driver to win the Tulip Rally is Paul Wignall who is also the only non-Dutch driver to win since 1997.

Rally Sweden

Held annually since 1950 (with the exception of the years 1974 and 1990), the Rally Sweden is competed in the beginning of February and is the only rally that is raced on snow. Since 1973, it has also been a stage of the World Rally Championship. The most successful British driver in the Rally Sweden is Colin McRae with four wins.

Acropolis Rally

The Acropolis Rally is raced on the mountain roads near Athens, Greece. It has been held annually since 1951 which makes it one of the oldest competitive rallies in the world. Voted the Rally of the Year in 2005, the Acropolis Rally is also famous for being one of the most challenging rallies. The most successful British driver is Colin McRae who is with 5 wins also the most successful driver in history of the Acropolis Rally to date.

Rallye Sanremo

The Italian stage of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and the Italian Rally Championship, the Rallye Sanremo has been held annually since 1928. Also a stage of the World Rally Championship from 1973 to 2003 (with the exception of the 1995 race), the rally in Sanremo is one of the most famous and visited rally competitions in Italy. The most successful British driver is Sanremo to date is Colin McRae with two victories in 1996 and 1997. Next to Kris Meeke who won in 2009, McRae is the only British driver to win the Rallye Sanremo.