Drive & Cycle - Discover Continental Europe from a Bicycle

Instead of driving, why not drive & cycle? Travelling by bicycle has its disadvantages; there is the weather element, you can’t travel as fast and visit so many places as by car, there is a limit of things you can carry, etc. But we are not suggesting to cycle from the UK to Europe. Also, cycling offers a number of advantages over the conventional way of travelling which have made it increasingly attractive to a wide range of travellers.

It’s Just as Green as Walking

Vehicles are emitting huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and consequently, contributing to the global warming. Cycling, on the other hand, produces zero CO2 or other greenhouse gases. It’s just as green as walking. But it enables you to get around much, much faster. In big cities, you are almost as fast as by a car.

It is Suitable for All Ages and Fitness Levels

The key is of course to adjust the route, intensity and duration to your age and fitness level. Obviously, mountain biking in the Swiss Alps is not an option if you’re not in shape or if you have young children. However, there are countless physically undemanding (relatively) and very enjoyable routes with a wealth of attractions to explore and experience along the way. And with its diverse landscape, architecture, people and culture, Continental Europe offers something for just about everyone.

Enables You to Save Money and Experience More

There are no fuel expenses, parking fees, road tolls,… Also, it is highly unlikely for anything to break down. This makes cycling one of the cheapest ways to get around. And convenient too, especially in short distances. At the same time, it enables you to experience more than by a car. It enables you to see more of the countryside, meet more people, go where it is impossible to go by a car,… Bicycle gives you even more freedom than a car.

Helps You Stay Fit and Promotes Health

Let’s face it. We don’t move enough, let alone exercise which has a detrimental effect on our health. Occasional cycling isn’t enough but it is without a doubt better than sitting in a car all the time. And enjoyable too if you choose a route carefully and cycle at the pace you feel comfortable at.