Services Included in the European Breakdown Cover

Although not compulsory, the European Breakdown Cover is virtually a must if you want to enjoy your car trip to Continental Europe. If your car is in good condition and if you drive following the road rules and safety directions, you probably won’t need it. But you just can never know. Also, you can get the European Breakdown Cover from as little as £5. However, it is extremely important to know what services are included in your Breakdown Cover.

The Standard Services

The services included in your European Breakdown Cover will depend greatly on which company you choose but they also depend on the chosen package. Nevertheless, some services are standards and should be included in every cover. These include 24-hour telephone assistance in English language, 24-hour roadside assistance, vehicle repair on-site or vehicle collection for repair, hire car and overnight accommodation.

Other Services Included

Depending on the chosen company and package, your European Breakdown Cover may also include the following services: garage labour costs, replacement driver, cover at home, cover for legal costs (varying upper limits), cover online and cover for travel continuation (different upper limits).


The services mentioned above as standard are not only included in every breakdown cover but they usually also have no limits. Some companies, however, may set the upper limit to which they are prepared to cover their services, including the most basic ones and even if you take the comprehensive cover. As a result, you may be required to pay for tow or repair costs if they exceed the set limit. So be sure to take time to compare the offers between different companies. Also, keep in mind that the services included and limits also vary greatly from one package to another.

Annual vs Short-Term/Single Trip Breakdown Cover

If you are travelling to Continental Europe multiple times a year, you should obviously get an annual breakdown cover. It will probably cost you a lot less than getting a single trip package each time you set off for Europe but what is even more important, the annual package typically includes more services and higher upper limits than the short-term single trip alternative. But again, the services included vary greatly from one cover provider to another as well as from package to package.