Testimonials, Experience and Advice from Other Drivers

One thing is to read about driving in a particular country, and another to actually drive in it. No matter how experienced driver you are and no matter how many countries you have visited by your car, each country is a story of itself. The differences are usually only slight but ignoring them can get you into serious trouble. You are highly recommended to take time to inform yourself not only about the driving rules and laws, documentation requirements, compulsory equipment and other formal stuff but about driving culture and habits as well. And don’t limit yourself to reading online tips and advices. If possible, talk to a person who has been driving in the country you are planning to visit to get the first-hand insight into what is like driving in the chosen destination.

First-Hand Information is Priceless

Government departments, automotive associations and similar organisations are an invaluable source of information for drivers who are planning to visit Continental Europe by car. They provide accurate, reliable and up-to-date information about the things you need to know to comply with the local laws and regulations, stay safe while driving abroad and a wealth of other very useful and practical things. But they can’t prepare you for the actual experience because the person you are speaking to most often doesn’t have the first-hand information. If you really want to know what is like to drive on the streets of Rome, mountainous road of Catalonia, etc. you need to speak to someone who did it.

Don’t Take Everything Literally

Just because other drivers found it terrible to drive in a particular country that doesn’t necessary mean you will have a hard time getting around as well. Driving skills vary greatly from one person to another. The same counts for the actual perception and individual experience.

You are recommended to listen carefully what you are being told by other drivers and try to remember the things you are warned about. But don’t take everything literally nor as a fact. There is no reason to feel intimidated. On the contrary, it is of utmost importance to be confident in your driving abilities because if you begin to doubt that you can do it, you may not be able to. On the other hand, don’t be overconfident in your driving skills and never underestimate the differences in driving rules, styles and culture.