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This department of the UK Government not only promotes and protects British interests outside Britain but also provides advice, assistance and support to the UK travellers and drivers. Before departing abroad, it is a good idea to visit the department’s website and check out the latest travel recommendations, news and updates as well as the FCO’s travel advice for the country or countries you are planning to visit.

Check out the UK Government’s advice on driving abroad, permits needed to drive in EU and European Economic Area (EEA) countries, driving outside the EU and EEA, when you need an International Driving Permit and where to turn for help and professional advice.

The automotive services company provides helpful information, advice and breakdown assistance to its members, both in the UK and abroad. But if you want the RAC to assist you in case of a breakdown while in Europe, you need European Breakdown Cover which also includes 24/7 English speaking telephone assistance.

This is another reputable British automotive services company that provides roadside assistance, car insurance and a wealth of other services to its clients/members. Both in the UK and abroad. But if you want them to assist you in case you need them to while in Continental Europe, you need to order the European Breakdown Cover.

If you need breakdown cover in Europe, it is also worth to check out the offer of the Green Flag which provides roadside assistance abroad as well. It offers both short-term and annual packages to suit a wide range of needs as well as provides a wealth of highly useful information and advice about driving in Continental Europe.

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